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 Book Preview: Colour Magick for Beginners by Richard Webster

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Book Preview: Colour Magick for Beginners by Richard Webster Empty
PostSubject: Book Preview: Colour Magick for Beginners by Richard Webster   Book Preview: Colour Magick for Beginners by Richard Webster Icon_minitimeMon Nov 30, 2009 1:53 am

(copy and pasted from my blog)
Here is a little snippet of wisdom from Richard Webster's beautiful book, "Color Magic for Beginners".

“What your favourite colour reveals”

(Note: This is slightly paraphrased, as copied from my personal notes.)

Red: The most popular colour for many people, especially extroverts. It can be the favourite colour of people seeking to be more extroverted. If red is your favourite colour, you are outgoing, ambitious, and hard-working. You enjoy competition, physical activities, and achieving goals. You have a sense of the drama and enjoy making your presence felt. You are optimistic, positive, and have high hopes for the future. You are generous, warm, loving, and forgiving. You are frequently impulsive. You have all the drive and charisma necessary to become a successful leader.

Orange: You are able to get along with everyone. You are warm and friendly. You are well organized and efficient. You can organize others as well. You enjoy activity and are good at motivating yourself. Unless directed, you will feel restless and impatient.

Yellow: You know how to express yourself well, and thrive on new and different experiences. You enjoy entertaining and being entertained. You communicate well with others, and are full of good ideas. You have a good sense of humour and can be the life and soul of a party when you want to.

Green: You are even-tempered, compassionate, tolerant, supportive, and easy to get along with. You enjoy helping others. You are both humanitarian and a natural healer. You have a good mind and enjoy taking care of details. You are stubborn when necessary, but prefer avoiding arguments.

Blue: You are introverted, or seeking to become so. You have a creative mind and a good imagination. Shrewd and perceptive, you enjoy coming up with money-making ideas. You have a quiet, deep side, and need time for introspection. You hate being restricted. Adventurous, you may get into trouble, but luck is on your side.

Indigo: You are reserved, sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. You are gentle, supportive, and caring. You tend to fall in love easily, and are sometimes hurt by the comments and attitudes of others. Your central focus of life is friends and family. Responsible, you enjoy solving problems.

Violet: You are sophisticated, analytical, discriminating, spiritual, and highly inventive. You need plenty of alone time. You enjoy studying, and delve deep to find hidden truths. You have a unique point of view and like to do things your own way.

Silver: You are honest, chivalrous, and idealistic. You have good self-esteem and enjoy helping others. Your friends and colleagues have earned their respect from you, and you feel disillusioned whenever their trust and respect is broken. You are modest about your accomplishments, and seldom seem fame or recognition for yourself. You are highly intuitive.

Gold: You are ambitious and desire the very best that life can offer. You are extremely capable and charismatic. Your drive, energy, inner strength, and practicality make it almost inevitable that you will rise to the top of your field. Your creative mind provides you with unorthodox solutions to problems.

Brown: You are down-to-earth, practical, and hard working. You are honest, stable, supportive and secure. You view situations in terms of black and white, and have the ability to see the essence of a problem at a glance. This enables you to quickly resolve problems that other people have given up on. It also enables you to buy good quality items, rather than something that just happens to be in fashion. You seldom seek the spotlight, and keep most of your thoughts to yourself.

Black: You are an independent thinker with strong opinions on most subjects. You speak your mind. You are disciplined, secretive, and intense. You are goal-oriented and have strong ambitions that other people may not realize you have until they have been achieved. If you have chosen black because you are feeling depressed, call on a friend for help and company. Make some plans to do something different to cheer yourself up.*

White: You are gentle, quiet, and nurturing. You thrive on encouragement. You like time on your own and may need to push yourself to spend more time with others. You dislike noisy parties, preferring to spend your time with a few close friends. An unusual choice, it generally indicates that you are in a transition period of your life.

* Sidenote: This is probably the only real beef I had with this book. To assume someone's favourite colour is black because they're depressed is fairly degrading if you do suffer from depression - trust me, I've been there. Of course it's always good to be caring, but a lot of people are depressed because of what's going on in their life, and they don't need to be lectured by ANYONE on going to see a friend to talk. It's almost mocking. Trust me, they already know what society thinks they should do. Of course, not everyone has that opportunity, so maybe this will depress them more. It's just best to leave any sort of psychological advice out of an Occult/New Age book. It's also degrading to assume a goth's favourite colour is black, or if your favourite colour is black then you're a goth. That's a sure-fire way to get punched in the face.
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Book Preview: Colour Magick for Beginners by Richard Webster
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