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 A short blurb about how I was raised, and my own kids

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PostSubject: A short blurb about how I was raised, and my own kids   Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:17 pm

I was raised by Trad Wiccans, and while I was not shielded from their beliefs (well, I wasn't exposed to anything oathbound, but that kinda goes without saying), I wasn't required to hold them either. My parents encouraged my brother and I to explore any and all other religions/belief systems that caught our attention, buying us books of various cultures' mythologies and even collections of children's Bible stories. We were also given the option of participating in age-appropriate rituals my mother wrote for us, but it was always our choice whether or not to celebrate in that way. We had family traditions and discussions at more "normal" holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, that reflected the Wiccan beliefs of my parents and also explained where the modern celebrations originated.

Now that I'm a parent, my sons also aren't shielded from what I believe, but since my husband and I aren't entirely on the same page spiritually, they aren't as directly involved at this point as I was. My husband and I do agree however that they should always be allowed to follow whatever path rings true for them, however much it may differ from ours. A small personal hope I have, of course, is that the path(s) they do choose don't teach them that their parents are evil.
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A short blurb about how I was raised, and my own kids
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