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 Scrying Article by ME! :D

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Scrying Article by ME! :D Empty
PostSubject: Scrying Article by ME! :D   Scrying Article by ME! :D Icon_minitimeThu Dec 17, 2009 4:31 pm

What is scrying and how is it done?

Scrying is a method of divination wherein one utilizes a medium object upon which to focus their sight and mind, and thereby receive messages and/or guidance, in answer to a specific situation ion as often as not. It is half-way between guided meditation and “free-form” styles. Some also consider it divination combined with meditation in that one often experiences altered state when performing this method

Some who utilize this practice physically see images in their medium, while others simply use it as a focus and experience the results in their mind’s eye (which is where the meditation aspect comes into play).

The most commonly used media are dishes of water, mirrors (often black), and crystal (or glass) balls (often clear, but not always). Two other methods are smoke (as from incense) or flames (whether a single candle, multiples ones, or a less controlled flame such as a bonfire). Each of these media can be associated with one of the classical Elements. Most of them are obvious:

Air - smoke
Fire - flames
Water - dish
Earth - crystal

Mirrors are sometimes said to also be representative of, and ruled by, Water, because both have reflective surfaces. However, I consider mirrors to be more aligned with the Spirit, for several reasons:

~ Scrying mirrors are usually black, and the Spirit realm is cloaked in mystery.

~ Water is placed in the West, which is also said to be the gateway to the Spirit and Faerie realms.

~ Mirrors are comprised of all the Elements in some way, and when all the Elements are present and balanced, it is the very makings of Spirit; as was already mentioned, mirrors are reflective, which aligns them to Water. They are made of glass, which is associated with Air. Glass is made from sand, which is Earth. The sand must be super-heated to make glass, and so Fire is incorporated.

Activity: Quick and Easy Black Scrying Mirror

You Will Need:
1. Empty picture frame - a plain frame is recommended so as not to detract from the mirror portion.
2. Black paint - spray paint works best, but any that will give a thick, even coating will be fine. Glossy is best.

1. Remove the glass from the frame, discarding any scraps of paper or packaging.
2. Paint one side of the glass thick and evenly. This may take several coats.
3. Allow paint to dry completely.
4. Reassemble the frame, making sure the painted side of the glass is INWARD, against the frame backing.
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Scrying Article by ME! :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: Scrying Article by ME! :D   Scrying Article by ME! :D Icon_minitimeThu Dec 17, 2009 10:17 pm

ack! I love this! I've never figured out how to scry before *is slow*
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Scrying Article by ME! :D
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