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 Kemetic Orthodoxy and Me

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Kemetic Orthodoxy and Me Empty
PostSubject: Kemetic Orthodoxy and Me   Kemetic Orthodoxy and Me Icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 11:52 pm

Hi i am Seshmet (Debra real name) Seshmet is short for Seshmetitues which means led by her fathers. I am a child of Amun & Anubis with Neith/Nepthys/Seshat as my favorites aunts is the best way of explaining my creation line. I found Amun during a private solitary ritual came to me in as a small voice during it. Not long after i found the House of Netjer online which is kemetic orthodoxy the religion and was following it until i felt it was time to move on and be completely solitary in my path. At the house of netjer i was a full member at one time plus imyt-ra which is ambassador to the south east region of the USA for the House of Netjer. I would highly recommend the House of Netjer at or as a good place to start in your Kemetic practice. All kemetic practice is pretty much solitary just seems like all of us children of kemet are pretty spread across the world not many in the same location locally so we can gather together as a real community except some in the chicago area where the House of Netjer temple is. I know there is other kemetic groups out there online too but I am not familiar with them myself. I just wanted to mention where i come from and how i got my training etc. farao
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Kemetic Orthodoxy and Me
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